Call for pitches to Issue 9: FOOD


YUM! Static Zine’s 9th issue is all about food!

It’s actually SUPER surprising we have not done a food issue yet, what with the Static editors being expert eaters. But when it was one of the suggestions in the voting round for Issue 8 and it didn’t win, well, that was super surprising too. (But we now have the most wonderful mental health issue to show for it!) So it was unanimous for us to agree that Issue 9 would be all about food.

And we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.

Theme: Food

What we’re looking for: Right now, all you have to do is submit what you’d like to make a page about in our zine regarding food. An idea for something serious, witty, opinionated, you name it. There’s pretty much a whole field of corn out there, waiting for you to pick just one. You can come at the idea through any kind of word or art interpretation. Anything that works, printed on a sheet of paper. Common uses in our zine include personal stories, fiction, illustration, photo collages, game designs, comics, doodles, etc. Feel free to combine!

What to do right now: Email us at explaining what you would like to make a page on and how you plan to do it. We will get back to you *after* the deadline to discuss it.

DeadlineMonday, January 20. Submissions will then be due by Monday, February 24 *at the absolute latest*. We have a low tolerance for late submissions, and it takes us time to put everything together. This issue is on a strict deadline in order to be ready for Chicago Zine Fest on March 15, so please take this seriously.

Other important information:

  • “One zine page” = 5.5 x 8.5 inches.
  • Your page must be vertical.
  • If you would like to make it on your own:
    *Send us a photoshop or jpeg file. Resolution 600.
    *You can drop off a physical copy at our HQ in Toronto, but please make sure you keep your work a few centimetres from the borders of the paper, so nothing gets cut off.
  • We print in black and white.
  • If you are including photos, try not to keep them too contrasty, as they don’t photocopy as well.
  • Please take a look at our previous issues to see our style.

Thank you & we can’t wait to see your ideas! This will be a very important issue and we’re excited to share on this topic.

Static editors Jessica, Melody & Aviva

Meet Issue 6′s contributors and find out about their Elsewheres

static zine elsewheres

Our sixth issue is full of 25 amazing contributors so we wanted to give a little introduction to them and their pieces. Meet our team, where they’re from and find out a few words about their piece in Elsewhere, out in March for Chicago Zine Fest on March 9 and mid-month throughout Toronto.


Jessica Lewis - Static Zine travelJessica Lewis
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Current City: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: other people’s postcards, 1 of my own
The description: collection of memories, not mine



Melody Lamb - Static Zine travel - NYCMelody Lamb
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: New York City, NY
The description: the most non-romantic romantic story



Aviva Cohen - Static Zine travel - SappyfestAviva Cohen
Hometown: Thornhill
Current city: Thornhill
Elsewhere: Swamp Magic, NB
The description: everybody knows this is nowhere



Marta Chudolinska - Static Zine travelMarta Chudolinska
Hometown: Hard to say…
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: Nature, wild & weird places
The description (about the cover): Moments between departure and arrival.



Isabel - Static Zine travel - Arizona, USAIsabel Salazar
Hometown: Lecheria, Venezuela
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: around the world in 35 mm
The description: Cinematic spark for globetrotters



Garry Tsaconas - Static Zine travel - Blue Lagoon, IcelandGarry Tsaconas
Hometown: Brampton, ON
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: around the world in 35 mm
The description:  Cinematic spark for globetrotters



Gilles LeBlanc - Static Zine travel - ChicagoGilles LeBlanc
Hometown: Mississauga
Current City: Concord, Ontario (Vaughan)
Elsewhere: Chicago
The description: Elvis. BBQ. Lolla. Good times!



David Solomon - Static Zine travel - Minnesota David Solomon
Hometown: Brandon, FL
Current City: Brandon, FL
Elsewhere: Minnesota, Vermont, South Carolina, and Georgia
The description: Outdoor experiences from 4 states



Paige Sabourin - Static Zine travel - souvenirsPaige Sabourin
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere(s): parts of  Europe and Africa
The description:  I brought back some things



Elaine Kelly-Canning - Static Zine travel - DublinElaine Kelly-Canning
Hometown: Erin, Ontario
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Dublin, Ireland
The description: Maple Maiden Misadventures in Dublin



Robb Mirsky - Static Zine travel - elsewhereRobb Mirsky
Hometown: Richmond Hell
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: In the sky
The description:  Dreaming my life away



Nicole Bazuin - Static Zine travelNicole Bazuin
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Chalk River, Ontario
The description: Madeleine Collective blanket fort bonding



Carly Maga - Static Zine travel - IndiaCarly Maga
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Current City: Toronto, Ontario
Elsewhere: Desert outside of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
The description: Worst physical experience to date.



Carmela Ferro - Static Zine travel - ParisCarmela Ferro
Hometown: Waterloo, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: Wilmington, NC
The description: Worrisome, Beautiful, Awkward, Amusing, Memorable



Ricky Lam - Static Zine travel - new orleansRicky Lam
Hometown: Hong Kong
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: New Orleans
The description: Ricky Eats Food in N’awlins



Amy Lam - Static Zine travel - GeorgiaAmy Lam
Hometown: Toronto / Calgary
Current city: Yellowknife!
Elsewhere: Georgia (the post-soviet country, not the state)
The description: Jetsons meets Trump meet post-communism.



Bhairavi Thanki - Static Zine travel - LondonBhairavi Thanki
Hometown: Porbandar, Gujarat AND Dubai, UAE (It’s a long, emotional story)
Current city: Toronto, Ontario
Elsewhere: London, England
The description: Finding myself in the rain



Holly Norris - Static Zine travel - the internetHolly N.
Hometown: Halifax
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: The internet.
The description: Hi stranger. Here’s my life.



Linda Paolucci - Static Zine travel - trois riviereLinda Paolucci
Hometown: Woodbridge
Current city: Uh…Woodbridge ):
Elsewhere: Trois-Rivieres
The description: Loud mouthed Anglo takes Quebec



Brian Cauley - Static Zine travel - PortlandBrian Cauley
Hometown: Whitby, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: Portland
The description: A romantic, eye-opening trip.



Claire Moshenberg - Static Zine travel - tokyoClaire Moshenberg
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Current city: San Francisco, CA
Elsewhere: Tokyo, Japan
The description: Scotch and music create conversation.



Graham Robertson - Static Zine travel - BangkokGraham Robertson
Hometown: Chester, England
Current city: Toronto, Canada
Elsewhere: Bangkok, Thailand
The description: Love, life, and past



Dylan Baldi - Static Zine travel - tour memoriesDylan Baldi
Hometown: cleveland, ohio
Current city: cleveland, ohio
Elsewhere: tour memories
The description: hot and steamy



Cam Harding - Static Zine travel - touringCameron Harding
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Touring around the US
The description: Good times had between shows