Where to find #6, the Elsewhere issue

static zine elsewheres

IT’S HERE!!! Now you can go out into the city and grab yourself a copy of ELSEWHERE.

This list will be continually updated!

As of morning of Wednesday, March 20th:

Queen Video
Victory Cafe
The Central
The Beguiling
Green Beanery
Big Fat Burrito
Sky Blue Sky
Sonic Boom

Big Fat Burrito
Ideal Coffee
Cafe Pamenar
Wanda’s Pie in the Sky
Sonic Boom
She Said Boom
Manic Coffee
The Green Grind
Queen Video
Of a Kind

Ideal Coffee
Grasshopper Records
The Lakeview

The Horseshoe
Type Books
Rotate This
The Drake Hotel
The Gladstone Hotel

If you can’t get to a location to grab a copy, now you can order us to mail it to you.
It’s $2 to cover mailing.

Download Issue 6′s mixtape, Goin’ Elsewhere

static mix art by greer brabazon

art by Greer Brabazon

Raise your hand if you make a playlist to listen to while you’re leaving/going somewhere! If you’re that person, well, we just made the next playlist, errr mixtape, for you. In honour of our sixth issue’s theme of Elsewhere, we decided to format this mixtape based on songs that mention other places. Now get daydreaming!


1. “Lets Get Out of this Country” by Camera Obscura

2. “The Giant of Illinois” by Andrew Bird

3. “Jasper” by Aidan Knight

4. “O New England” by The Decemberists

5. “The Cold Swedish Winter” by Jens Lekman

6. “Postcards from Italy” by Beirut

7. “Grand Canyon” by Magnetic Fields

8. “Two Girls from Montreal” by The Bicycles

9. “Miami” by Foals

10. “Paris is Burning” by St. Vincent

11. “Impossible Germany” by Wilco

12. “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

& you can still download our previous mixtapes!

Meet Issue 6′s contributors and find out about their Elsewheres

static zine elsewheres

Our sixth issue is full of 25 amazing contributors so we wanted to give a little introduction to them and their pieces. Meet our team, where they’re from and find out a few words about their piece in Elsewhere, out in March for Chicago Zine Fest on March 9 and mid-month throughout Toronto.


Jessica Lewis - Static Zine travelJessica Lewis
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Current City: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: other people’s postcards, 1 of my own
The description: collection of memories, not mine



Melody Lamb - Static Zine travel - NYCMelody Lamb
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: New York City, NY
The description: the most non-romantic romantic story



Aviva Cohen - Static Zine travel - SappyfestAviva Cohen
Hometown: Thornhill
Current city: Thornhill
Elsewhere: Swamp Magic, NB
The description: everybody knows this is nowhere



Marta Chudolinska - Static Zine travelMarta Chudolinska
Hometown: Hard to say…
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: Nature, wild & weird places
The description (about the cover): Moments between departure and arrival.



Isabel - Static Zine travel - Arizona, USAIsabel Salazar
Hometown: Lecheria, Venezuela
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: around the world in 35 mm
The description: Cinematic spark for globetrotters



Garry Tsaconas - Static Zine travel - Blue Lagoon, IcelandGarry Tsaconas
Hometown: Brampton, ON
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: around the world in 35 mm
The description:  Cinematic spark for globetrotters



Gilles LeBlanc - Static Zine travel - ChicagoGilles LeBlanc
Hometown: Mississauga
Current City: Concord, Ontario (Vaughan)
Elsewhere: Chicago
The description: Elvis. BBQ. Lolla. Good times!



David Solomon - Static Zine travel - Minnesota David Solomon
Hometown: Brandon, FL
Current City: Brandon, FL
Elsewhere: Minnesota, Vermont, South Carolina, and Georgia
The description: Outdoor experiences from 4 states



Paige Sabourin - Static Zine travel - souvenirsPaige Sabourin
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere(s): parts of  Europe and Africa
The description:  I brought back some things



Elaine Kelly-Canning - Static Zine travel - DublinElaine Kelly-Canning
Hometown: Erin, Ontario
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Dublin, Ireland
The description: Maple Maiden Misadventures in Dublin



Robb Mirsky - Static Zine travel - elsewhereRobb Mirsky
Hometown: Richmond Hell
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: In the sky
The description:  Dreaming my life away



Nicole Bazuin - Static Zine travelNicole Bazuin
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Chalk River, Ontario
The description: Madeleine Collective blanket fort bonding



Carly Maga - Static Zine travel - IndiaCarly Maga
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Current City: Toronto, Ontario
Elsewhere: Desert outside of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
The description: Worst physical experience to date.



Carmela Ferro - Static Zine travel - ParisCarmela Ferro
Hometown: Waterloo, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: Wilmington, NC
The description: Worrisome, Beautiful, Awkward, Amusing, Memorable



Ricky Lam - Static Zine travel - new orleansRicky Lam
Hometown: Hong Kong
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: New Orleans
The description: Ricky Eats Food in N’awlins



Amy Lam - Static Zine travel - GeorgiaAmy Lam
Hometown: Toronto / Calgary
Current city: Yellowknife!
Elsewhere: Georgia (the post-soviet country, not the state)
The description: Jetsons meets Trump meet post-communism.



Bhairavi Thanki - Static Zine travel - LondonBhairavi Thanki
Hometown: Porbandar, Gujarat AND Dubai, UAE (It’s a long, emotional story)
Current city: Toronto, Ontario
Elsewhere: London, England
The description: Finding myself in the rain



Holly Norris - Static Zine travel - the internetHolly N.
Hometown: Halifax
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: The internet.
The description: Hi stranger. Here’s my life.



Linda Paolucci - Static Zine travel - trois riviereLinda Paolucci
Hometown: Woodbridge
Current city: Uh…Woodbridge ):
Elsewhere: Trois-Rivieres
The description: Loud mouthed Anglo takes Quebec



Brian Cauley - Static Zine travel - PortlandBrian Cauley
Hometown: Whitby, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: Portland
The description: A romantic, eye-opening trip.



Claire Moshenberg - Static Zine travel - tokyoClaire Moshenberg
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Current city: San Francisco, CA
Elsewhere: Tokyo, Japan
The description: Scotch and music create conversation.



Graham Robertson - Static Zine travel - BangkokGraham Robertson
Hometown: Chester, England
Current city: Toronto, Canada
Elsewhere: Bangkok, Thailand
The description: Love, life, and past



Dylan Baldi - Static Zine travel - tour memoriesDylan Baldi
Hometown: cleveland, ohio
Current city: cleveland, ohio
Elsewhere: tour memories
The description: hot and steamy



Cam Harding - Static Zine travel - touringCameron Harding
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Touring around the US
The description: Good times had between shows