Meet Issue 6′s contributors and find out about their Elsewheres

static zine elsewheres

Our sixth issue is full of 25 amazing contributors so we wanted to give a little introduction to them and their pieces. Meet our team, where they’re from and find out a few words about their piece in Elsewhere, out in March for Chicago Zine Fest on March 9 and mid-month throughout Toronto.


Jessica Lewis - Static Zine travelJessica Lewis
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Current City: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: other people’s postcards, 1 of my own
The description: collection of memories, not mine



Melody Lamb - Static Zine travel - NYCMelody Lamb
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: New York City, NY
The description: the most non-romantic romantic story



Aviva Cohen - Static Zine travel - SappyfestAviva Cohen
Hometown: Thornhill
Current city: Thornhill
Elsewhere: Swamp Magic, NB
The description: everybody knows this is nowhere



Marta Chudolinska - Static Zine travelMarta Chudolinska
Hometown: Hard to say…
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: Nature, wild & weird places
The description (about the cover): Moments between departure and arrival.



Isabel - Static Zine travel - Arizona, USAIsabel Salazar
Hometown: Lecheria, Venezuela
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: around the world in 35 mm
The description: Cinematic spark for globetrotters



Garry Tsaconas - Static Zine travel - Blue Lagoon, IcelandGarry Tsaconas
Hometown: Brampton, ON
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: around the world in 35 mm
The description:  Cinematic spark for globetrotters



Gilles LeBlanc - Static Zine travel - ChicagoGilles LeBlanc
Hometown: Mississauga
Current City: Concord, Ontario (Vaughan)
Elsewhere: Chicago
The description: Elvis. BBQ. Lolla. Good times!



David Solomon - Static Zine travel - Minnesota David Solomon
Hometown: Brandon, FL
Current City: Brandon, FL
Elsewhere: Minnesota, Vermont, South Carolina, and Georgia
The description: Outdoor experiences from 4 states



Paige Sabourin - Static Zine travel - souvenirsPaige Sabourin
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere(s): parts of  Europe and Africa
The description:  I brought back some things



Elaine Kelly-Canning - Static Zine travel - DublinElaine Kelly-Canning
Hometown: Erin, Ontario
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Dublin, Ireland
The description: Maple Maiden Misadventures in Dublin



Robb Mirsky - Static Zine travel - elsewhereRobb Mirsky
Hometown: Richmond Hell
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: In the sky
The description:  Dreaming my life away



Nicole Bazuin - Static Zine travelNicole Bazuin
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Chalk River, Ontario
The description: Madeleine Collective blanket fort bonding



Carly Maga - Static Zine travel - IndiaCarly Maga
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Current City: Toronto, Ontario
Elsewhere: Desert outside of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
The description: Worst physical experience to date.



Carmela Ferro - Static Zine travel - ParisCarmela Ferro
Hometown: Waterloo, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: Wilmington, NC
The description: Worrisome, Beautiful, Awkward, Amusing, Memorable



Ricky Lam - Static Zine travel - new orleansRicky Lam
Hometown: Hong Kong
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: New Orleans
The description: Ricky Eats Food in N’awlins



Amy Lam - Static Zine travel - GeorgiaAmy Lam
Hometown: Toronto / Calgary
Current city: Yellowknife!
Elsewhere: Georgia (the post-soviet country, not the state)
The description: Jetsons meets Trump meet post-communism.



Bhairavi Thanki - Static Zine travel - LondonBhairavi Thanki
Hometown: Porbandar, Gujarat AND Dubai, UAE (It’s a long, emotional story)
Current city: Toronto, Ontario
Elsewhere: London, England
The description: Finding myself in the rain



Holly Norris - Static Zine travel - the internetHolly N.
Hometown: Halifax
Current city: Toronto
Elsewhere: The internet.
The description: Hi stranger. Here’s my life.



Linda Paolucci - Static Zine travel - trois riviereLinda Paolucci
Hometown: Woodbridge
Current city: Uh…Woodbridge ):
Elsewhere: Trois-Rivieres
The description: Loud mouthed Anglo takes Quebec



Brian Cauley - Static Zine travel - PortlandBrian Cauley
Hometown: Whitby, ON
Current city: Toronto, ON
Elsewhere: Portland
The description: A romantic, eye-opening trip.



Claire Moshenberg - Static Zine travel - tokyoClaire Moshenberg
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Current city: San Francisco, CA
Elsewhere: Tokyo, Japan
The description: Scotch and music create conversation.



Graham Robertson - Static Zine travel - BangkokGraham Robertson
Hometown: Chester, England
Current city: Toronto, Canada
Elsewhere: Bangkok, Thailand
The description: Love, life, and past



Dylan Baldi - Static Zine travel - tour memoriesDylan Baldi
Hometown: cleveland, ohio
Current city: cleveland, ohio
Elsewhere: tour memories
The description: hot and steamy



Cam Harding - Static Zine travel - touringCameron Harding
Hometown: Toronto
Current City: Toronto
Elsewhere: Touring around the US
The description: Good times had between shows

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    quite the collection! Looking forward to a hard copy in hand!