Static Cloud


Static Cloud is the shop name for Static Zine and its involved zine pals. Static Cloud aims to show off DIY talent and to make zines from around the world more accessible (and cheaper in postage) around Toronto and Canada. Zines will be made available on our Etsy store as well as sold at any events or fairs that we table at.

Our current titles:

Static Zine, Issue 10 – Milestones – To celebrate our tenth issue, we asked everyone to reflect on a milestone!

Static Zine, Issue 9 – Food - Full of yumminess! The beefiest issue yet includes many recipes, personal accounts of food experiences, quirky comics and more!

Static Zine, Issue 8 – Mental Health - 29 amazing stories on mental health. Writing and illustrations show different states of mind, traumas, anxieties, experiences, feelings, tips and wonders. It just goes to show how everyone has something that they’re dealing with.

Static Zine, Issue 7 – The Future - We asked our contributors “what would an aspect of the future be like?” Then their imaginations ran wild! From fashion and sex to communication and education, their imaginations of the future are hilarious and insightful.

Static Zine, Issue 6 – Elsewhere - Almost 30 contributors who share their stories about other places in their own unique ways. From a diagram of pain from a camel ride in India to a comic about daydreaming of anywhere else to a screenplay about getting asked out by Parisian firefighters while in an ambulance ride, it’s an exciting issue full of great detail!

Static Zine, Issue 5 – Fanzine – A tribute to fanzines! Each contributor made their page look like a fanzine they’d make about something, from musicians to movies to cats to TV shows.

The Pressure to be Happy, Issue 1 by Jessica Lewis. How often have we been told something along the lines of “just be happy that ___?” This zine is about learning how to understand and deal with mental health issues. The zine is divided in four parts: coming to terms with issues, learning how to be a better friend, a look at pressure & inspiration/conclusion.

The Pressure to be Happy, Issue 2by Jessica Lewis. The story of a rut. That time when you thought everything would get better and were excited to tell everyone about it, but then that time never came. Accounts of personal experiences with antidepressants, therapy, self care, taking control and a breakup. Plus: finding a kitten, all the good things that have happened since the last issue, recommendations and summer goals.

Spinning Stories - by Jessica Lewis. A zine of four short stories based on music by Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Suuns, The Ruby Spirit and Buke & Gase.

Basin, Issue 8 - a collection of short comics by Toronto cartoonist Jordan R A. Included are the wonderful stories Money Woes and Money Goes, UFO Dreams # 1, Transit Comics, and more!‎

Pocket Knife, Issue 2 - random doodles and drawings of observations by Jessica Lewis.

First Tour Problems recounts a 5 week tour tour Maxx embarked on as sound tech/tour manager. From having mono to getting pulled over by a cop in Wisconsin, she experienced it all! Maxx writes of the hardships of life on the road but also of resilience and pushing herself out of her comfort zone.

Not featured on our Etsy, but sold at fairs:

Pasta – pasta recipes and Italian tips by Sarah E. Hoffman, based on her childhood in rural Saskatchewan. “One long weekend a year was spent making homemade noodles,” she wrote. Yum!

Extreme Eaters Compete for Pie Belt! – a comic about – you guessed it – an extreme pie-eating contest by Sarah E. Hoffman and MJ Alexander. Rivalries, underground competitions, puke, oh my! Can Colby or Mac eat the most pies in 15 minutes?!

Winged Snail Mail, a zine that celebrates all things snail mail culture, edited by Sarah E. Hoffman.

Never Date Dudes from the Internet by Awkward Ladies Club. “In 2005, I was in need of dates. So I posted an ad on the F4M page of Craigslist. This book includes my original ad as well as every response I received from the men of CL.”

Never Finish Grad School by Awkward Ladies Club. “Once upon a time, I attempted to earn a PhD. I didn’t quite make it. This book collects my online journal entries from 2004-2006, while I attended grad school.”

Queer Sailor Moon Fanfiction Saved My Life by Lily. “This is a personal zine about how online fan communities helped me stay alive through some bad preteen times. I look back on, and quote at length from, the Sailor Moon and Spice Girls fanfiction I read as a kid and talk about what it meant to me.”

Lady Teeth, Issue 5 by Taryn Hipp. “[This is] a miserable heartache with a glimmer of hope. It’s a breakup zine mostly but it’s also about San Francisco & Ladies Rock Camp. This zine is about people in my life dying & going off my meds. It’s about Internet dating & falling for heavily tattooed babes from up north.”


Do you want Static Cloud to carry your zine? Just email [info @ staticzine . com] about your zine(s) and yourself, and then we will discuss.

The way it would go is that you’d sell us a 10 copies of one of your zines at wholesale, and then we will sell them at retail price, plus potentially a dollar or two extra to go to distro finances. We can work out a deal on postage between us. If you live in Toronto, we can pick up zines.

We take preference to zines made by anyone who has ever contributed to Static Zine before.

We do not want to carry offensive material (what’s deemed offensive is up to us, but generally, y’know, nothing misogynistic, homophobic, gender-phobic, racist, discriminatory, oppressive, hateful, inaccessible, etc).

Thank you!