Introducing: STATIC CLOUD


image by Juliana Eye.

//What is Static Cloud?//

Static Cloud is our new umbrella name that incorporates a fabulous new Etsy webstore, fair presence and distro.

Static Cloud is a baby cloud still and we’re looking forward to making it explode. So far, the distro (both on webstore and at fairs) includes our editors’ solo zines, but we are getting ready to develop it! It will include zines by Static contributors and international friends, with the goal of getting their zines out to Toronto and Canada (and, webwise, at a bit of cheaper postal rates!)

Please take a peek at the store and support! (And share the link!) Costs of Static Zines themselves (just $2) are considered donation towards printing of the next issue. Have you got issue 8 yet? We can mail it to you, packaged up real nice!

Check out Static Cloud now!