Introducing: STATIC CLOUD


image by Juliana Eye.

//What is Static Cloud?//

Static Cloud is our new umbrella name that incorporates a fabulous new Etsy webstore, fair presence and distro.

Static Cloud is a baby cloud still and we’re looking forward to making it explode. So far, the distro (both on webstore and at fairs) includes our editors’ solo zines, but we are getting ready to develop it! It will include zines by Static contributors and international friends, with the goal of getting their zines out to Toronto and Canada (and, webwise, at a bit of cheaper postal rates!)

Please take a peek at the store and support! (And share the link!) Costs of Static Zines themselves (just $2) are considered donation towards printing of the next issue. Have you got issue 8 yet? We can mail it to you, packaged up real nice!

Check out Static Cloud now!

Issue 8 – Mental Health – is out now!


We’re thrilled to announce that our mental health issue is out now!

We’re so proud of this one – not only is it our biggest issue yet, but our contributors from all over North America have created such heart-felt pieces. With writing and illustrations, we’ve got pieces on medication, herbal remedies, bi-polar disorder, traumas, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, overdoses, suicidal thoughts, drugs, OCD and more. It just goes to show how everyone has something that they’re dealing with in every day life. It’s an inspiring collection (if I do say so myself) that strives to be shared, to get the word out there on dealing with mental health.

We’re currently in the process of distro’ing around Toronto, but if you would like to order one to be mailed to you, we’ll get on it right away. A $2 cost is considered as donation towards printing issue 9.

Thank you to all of the contributors and everyone who helped out with this issue – including our amazing launch party at Encore Studios with Programm, Most People and Fresh Snow! It was a blast. <3

DOWNLOAD Static Zine’s 8th Mixtape: You got the spirit, don’t lose the feeling


art by Greer Brabazon

In celebration of the release of our 8th issue, the Mental Health issue, managing editor Aviva Cohen has curated the joining mixtape: You got the spirit, don’t lose the feeling.


1. Jens Lekman – Opposite Of Hallelujah

2. Sufjan Stevens – Borderline

3. Elliot Smith – Bottle Up & Explode

4. Microphones – The Glow Pt 2

5. Songs: Ohia – Hold On Magnolia

6. Wilco – True Love Will Find You In The End

7. Neko Case – Dirty Knife

8. Whiskeytown – Sit And Listen To The Rain

9. Rilo Kiley – A Better Son/Daughter

10. Leonard Cohen – Avalanche

11. The National – Sorrow

12. The Magnetic Fields – All The Umbrellas In London

13. Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday

14. Joy Division – Disorder

15. Dirty Projectors – Depression

16. Radiohead – Let Down

17. Belle & Sebastian – Ease Your Feet In The Sea

18. Xiu Xiu – Asleep

Call for pitches to Issue 8: Mental Health

static zine mental health

First, we had you suggest what you wanted to make a zine about. Then you got to vote from a selected list of Food, Alcohol, Mental Health, Best friends, Digital Identities and Confrontations. Mental Health won by one point! It was such a close race. Thank you so much to everyone who participated. So now’s the time to get those lovely brains a-thinkin for what you’d like to make a zine page on. And have no fear, all those theme suggestions were amazing, and we’ll likely tap into them in the future!

So, here’s the pitching information you need:

Theme: Mental Health

What we’re looking for: Right now, all you have to do is submit what you’d like to make a page about in our zine regarding mental health. It can be about your own experiences or if you want to express others you’ve observed. You can come at it through any kind of interpretation through words or art. Common uses in our zine include personal stories, fiction, illustration, photo collages, game designs, comics, doodles, etc. Feel free to combine! (Note: Please do not make fun of a condition in a hurtful way, and please do not throw around the word ‘crazy.’)

What to do right now: Email us at explaining what you would like to make a page on and how you plan to do it. We pretty much accept everything, we just like to make sure how many pages we’ll need and that there are no significant overlaps.

Deadline: Tuesday, September 3rd. Submissions will then be due by Friday, September 27th *at the absolute latest*. We have a low tolerance for late submissions and this issue is on a strict deadline in order to be ready for Canzine on October 20, so please take this seriously.

Other important information:

  • “One zine page” = 5.5 x 8.5 inches.
  • Your page must be vertical.
  • If you would like to make it on your own:
    *Send us a photoshop or jpeg file. Resolution 600.
    *You can drop off a physical copy, but please make sure you keep your work a few centimetres from the borders of the paper, so nothing gets cut off.
  • We print in black and white.
  • If you are including photos, try not to keep them too contrasty, as they don’t photocopy as well.
  • Please take a look at our previous issues to see our style.

Thank you & we can’t wait to see your ideas! This will be a very important issue and we’re excited to share on this topic.

Static editors Jessica, Melody & Aviva