Team Static Did Chicago: Melody’s ‘thank you’ notes to the windy city

Static Zine was recently in Chicago for the Chicago Zine Fest to table the 6th issue, Elsewhere, which is all about other places. Managing Editor Melody Lamb recaps the experience below.

melody mcdonalds chicago

In Jimmy Fallon-fashion, I will now take some time and write some thank you notes to the people, places and things of Chicago.

  • Thank you, The Bean, for being a giant outdoor mirror. I was able to check my make-up AND take a photo of myself without looking weird.
  • Thank you, Big Star, for filling our bellies with beer and tacos, all for under $20. You know those commercials where people look at their receipt, think that the cashier forgot to ring in half of their items, and run out before they get caught? That’s exactly how I felt. Except I was too full to run.
  • Thank you, Uncle Frank, for showing us around the city. I will always look at those bridges and think, “that’s where that Transformers scene takes place.”
  • Thank you, Chicago Zine Fair, for being a giant pile of talent.
  • Thank you, cute zine boy, for being the first person to pay for my solo zine, Hello Goodbye. I hope you enjoy my witty stories and don’t judge me too harshly. Also, my Twitter account is on the back on the zine, follow me and be my friend, please.
  • Thank you, Quimby’s, for stealing all our money. I mean, in return for all of the books and zines, but still.
  • Thank you, CTA, for tying your subway lines in a knot and calling it a loop.
  • Thank you, Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s, for fulfilling all of my wildest fast food dreams. No thank you to the creepy guy working there who stared at me the whole time as I dropped ice cream on my dress.
  • Thank you, Chicago, for being as wonderful as I (don’t) remember. Four-year-old me might not remember much, but 22-year-old me will never forget the wonderful times we had on this trip. See you again in a few months for Pitchfork Fest!