Watch performances from our Issue 1 launch party

Via Sky Blue Sky: Static Zine Launch from Via Sky Blue Sky on Vimeo.

During NXNE, Static Zine and Via Sky Blue Sky teamed up to put together a day show to celebrate both projects. Together, we enlisted Kat Burns (Forest City Lovers), Lowell Sostomi (Great Bloomers), Bravestation and Sister to perform and invited everyone out to enjoy some sandwiches and soak in the beautiful summer day, marking an end to festivities in the city and a beginning for Static and VSBS.

We began the day with acoustic performances at Sky Blue Sky and marched on to Christie Pits for a finale filled with cupcakes and afternoon jams. If that didn’t cure your NXNE hangover, I don’t know what did.

We’d like to thank everyone involved with Static and Via Sky Blue Sky, as well as Chad at Sky Blue Sky for allowing us to use the place for the day and sacrificing part of his Father’s Day for us. Also, thanks to the musicians who played and Brian for taking on camera duties all by his lonesome. These people will be paid (and not just in food and gratitude) one day for their hard work.


Download the first Static Mixtape


1. Summer Sounds by Maylee Todd

2. Wishbone by Sister

3. Lose It by Austra

4. Their Calling by Bravestation

5. Fins of a Shark by Heartbeat Hotel

6. Music Box by Dora Alexander

7. Slacking Scholar by Sports

8. Get In Or Get Out by Matters

9. Let Them Go by Action Makes

10. Ruby Dog by The Ruby Spirit

11. Damaged Nail by Allie Hughes

12. Pyramid by Nightbox

13. Kingfisher by The Meligrove Band

14. Black Water by Timber Timbre

15. Light Flight by Bruce Peninsula

16. Hermit by The Wilderness of Manitoba