Celebrate the release of Issue #7: The Future at Park Jamz ’13!

static zine park jamz poster

Poster by Aimee Laurel


Join us as we celebrate the release of Issue #7: The Future at Christie Pits Park on June 16!

Kicking off at 2:30, there will be cupcakes, music and readings. Zines are free!

Bring yr blankets and picnic foods; get cozy! We’ll likely take up a spot near the top of the hill by Bloor and Christie, but we’ll update our Facebook event / Twitter if anything changes.

Set times:

Music by Pat LePoidevin @ 3
Reading by Sarah Pinder  @ 3:30
Music by Patti Cake @ 3:45
Reading by Jessica Westhead @ 4:15
Reading by Misha Bower @ 4:30
Music by Eons @ 4:45

We’re so excited to share our issue all about what the future will be like with you.

PS: This is our two year issue anniversary — Issue #1 kicked off right in the same spot two Junes ago!

Announcement & call for pitches for ISSUE 7: THE FUTURE

THE FUTURE - Static Zine

Static Zine wants to know what you think the future will be like. Will we all be wearing Google Glass? Will we only completely speak in acronyms like YOLO? Will the desktop computer be extinct? Will every city be run by Rob Fords (ohgodohgod)? What will feminism and politics be like? Will we finally be able to speak to animals? Will everybody be making zines? Join Issue 7 and make a page on what futuristic worries and wonders keep you up at night.

What we’re looking for:

  • Interesting, hilarious and thought-provoking pieces about what you think an aspect of the future will be like. Just pick one! (Example: money, politics, activism, literature, cities, crime, technology, education, athletics, food, any kind of entertainment, war, kids, houses, medication, happiness, sadness, utensils, the list goes on and is obviously very open!) We encourage you to pitch us a few of your favourites though, as that will help us to make sure there won’t be any overlap.
  • We want you to tell your stories through a unique way that fits to what kind of story it is. For example: if you think kids will somehow learn to communicate telepathically, write out their thought bubbles. Or you could write a short piece on who could rule Canada someday. Maybe draw what it would look like if we’re all lemmings wearing the same things. Or create a game that we would play.
  • We love the written word in its many styles, drawings, illustrations, comics, photography, lists, games and more. Check out our previous issues to get an idea of our style before you submit.

Criteria to keep in mind:

  • A “Static Zine page” is a half of an 8.5×11 sheet of paper (folded vertically). Our zines look like booklets. Again, check out our previous issues to see how much space you’d have. Sometimes we decide to split a zine page in half as well (thus a quarter of 8.5×11), depending on how many pitches we get and if we think it’d work to that size.
  • We print in black and white.
  • If your pitch is accepted, you can either complete it on your own and send it to us or come make it with us at our HQ. We employ a border of white space around the zine pages as well to make sure your piece doesn’t get cut off in photocopying.
  • Please also know that if you want your page to look the best in its photocopied form, it should not be too light or too dark. Keeping things close to even toned seems to work out the best and we want you to be happy with how it comes out.

Here’s what to do now:

  • Interested? GREAT! Email a short pitch of your idea and how you would want to do it to info @ staticzine . com.
  • You must email us by WEDNESDAY, MAY 8. We’ll get back to you shortly after.

Other important dates to keep of note if accepted:

  • Your submission (if doing it on your own) is to be due no later than MONDAY, MAY 27.
  • If you would like to do your page with us, then you would have to work out a day with us to come by during our production schedule between TUESDAY, MAY 28 and TUESDAY, JUNE 4. We intend to print in time for NXNE, which starts on June 10.
  • Stay tuned for launch party information!

We’re looking forward to hearing your pitches! Get those futuristic thinking caps on!