Get to know Issue 3′s contributors

static zine issue 3

For Issue 3, Static’s roster of contributors got even bigger. 26 people were involved in the making of the zine and telling stories about their lives. So naturally, once you’re hooked to their stories, you’re going to want to know more about them.

So for this issue, each person got a web page right on this here site.

The first wave of pages are ready, so here’s who you can get to know and then read more of their work:

Jessica – Life as a Music Video

Aviva – Life as an Edward Gorey adaptation

Matti – Life as a TV Family

Ellyn – Life as a Romantic Comedy

Kate – Life as a Stand By Me adaptation

yahlehly – Life as Reconstructed Pop Song Titles

Ricky – Life as Movie Posters

Steve F – Life as a Letter from Sea

Bryan – Life as a Stolen Soundtrack

The Lonely Vagabond – Life as a Song

Marta – Life as a Daily Comic

Bhairavi – Life as a Menu

Rob – Life as a Board Game

Adriana – artist for Life as a Workout Video

Erin – artist for Life as an Edward Gorey adaptation

Megan – artist for Life as a Stand By Me adaptation

Yuli – artist for Life as a Music Video and Board Game
(and we are genuinely sorry times a million the links for Yuli did not make it in the zine!!!!!)

More coming soon!

Download the Third Issue’s Mixtape

static mix art by greer brabazon

art by Greer Brabazon

One of our favourite things about putting out each issue is compiling the mixtapes of Toronto bands to go with them. For the third issue, we’ve got 18 more exciting local acts to check out, from Arts & Crafts’ new electro goth signees Trust to the genre-bending banshees Yamantaka // Sonic Titan to the sweet dance party boys The Elwins to the new project from Ohbijou’s Casey and Ryan, The Blot.


1. “Bulbform” by Trust

2. “There’s a Secret To Your Pleasure” by Slim Twig

3. “Big Dumb Blue Angel” by Moon King

4. “Homesick Satellite” by Doldrums

5. “Prepare to Prepare to Die” by Blood Rexdale and the Walls are Blonde

6. “Demon Inside Me” by The Undrummer

7. “White Flag Riot” by Odonis Odonis

8. “Reverse Crystal Murder of a Spider” by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

9. “I Simply” by Rattail

10. “Dream of Stones” by Rival Boys

11. “Evening Breath” by The Folk

12. “Sperry” by Little City

13. “The Ocean” by Young Rival

14. “Green” by Dilly Dally

15. “Stuck in the Middle” by The Elwins

16. “Quizzical Face” by Carnival Moon

17. “Whispers” by Lake Forest

18. “The Blot Begins” by The Blot

Cut out your own Static Zine bookmarks

Toms Bookmarks 10 2

Haven’t you found yourself reading a book recently and in desperate need for something more than a receipt or scrap paper to hold your page? You want something else that will make you smile when you open that book, don’t you. Yes you do.

In Issue 2, you’ll find cut-out-your-own-bookmarks made by Tom Lowery. Well those weren’t the only two he designed. In fact, we have so many bookmarks scanned here for you now that you’re pretty much set for the rest of your good eyesight part of life!

Each one is original and quirkier than the next. We had a lot of fun looking over them all and pretty much wanted to keep them to ourselves forever and ever, but scanning them here for you seemed like a much better idea.

Some of our favourites:

“Surrender your first born to Static Zine”

“Static Zine is better than season 1 of the X-Files”

“Aliens are real, so is Static Zine!”

… and so on.

See for yourself.